Business Membership Organisations

Business membership organisations which include professional which include professional organisations with members from the horticultural sector and/or plant-based agrifood value chains1, for example exporters associations, national horticulture stakeholder associations,…

1 “Other plant-based agrifood value chains” : given the similar nature of issues in terms of SPS compliance and sustainability faced by other plant-based agri-food value chains (e.g. Flowers and Plants value chains) compared to Fruit and Vegetable value chains, and, in some cases, given the interrelations between operators from different value chains (e.g. public sector inspectors, MSMEs, BMOs, support services to smallholders), the programme foresees the possibility to “indirectly” support other plant-based agrifood value chains through intermediary bodies such as competent authorities, business membership organisations (BMOs), or smallhoder support structures in member countries of the OACPS. Indirect support refers mainly to the production and dissemination of information, technical and training materials developed for the horticultural sector and which are relevant to other plant-based agri-food value chains.

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