OECD Fruit & vegetables

Distance learning programme for inspectors and traders on the OECD scheme’s recommendation on conformity checks of fresh fruit and vegetables

The training for inspectors and traders is based on the final version of the OECD Scheme’s Recommendation on Conformity Checks of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (document TAD/CA/FVS (2012)8/FINAL as approved at the 77th Plenary Meeting of the OECD Fruit and Vegetables Scheme in December 2018 and other relevant OECD Guidelines related to this procedure.

The purpose of this training is to present and explain the “Operating Rules for Conformity Checks of Fruit and Vegetables covered by a Standard” (as described in Annex II of the Rules of the OECD Fruit and Vegetables Scheme) used for inspection and certification at import and export of fruit and vegetables.

The training has been divided into 8 modules as follows:

  • Module 1: Context and objectives of international standards
  • Module 2: Context and objectives of quality inspection
  • Module 3: Characteristics of consignments/lots to be checked for conformity and principles of sampling
  • Module 4: Organisation and performance of a conformity check
  • Module 5: Identity and physical inspection
  • Module 6: Quality control of lots: Objective testing methods and sampling procedures
  • Module 7: Determination of the inspection result and reporting
  • Module 8: Certificates of conformity


In 2022, COLEAD improved the online training developed in 2021 by creating:

  • Pedagogical and technical content (involving an expert in OECD conformity testing and an expert in pedagogy)
  • Digital content with a story line and an articulate presentation (involving experts in digital pedagogy)
  • Tests to assess the understanding of content (involving an expert in pedagogy)
  • A Professional PDF for the text version of the training
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