UNIDO Guinea

Strengthening knowledge on the quality criteria for pineapple export and on the good practices to be adopted during the packaging of pineapple to guarantee this quality

UNIDO Guinea

COLEAD has been selected as a service provider by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to provide technical assistance and training services to the “Revival of the Pineapple Sector” (Relance de la Filière Ananas, REFILA) project.

The objective is to revive the pineapple sector in Guinea by creating a sustainable training system within each partner structure. To achieve this, COLEAD offers a series of training and technical assistance activities covering a wide range of subjects in the areas of sustainable production and trade; plant health; food safety; food production and processing; respect for people and professional development; environmental management; business management and development; and training methodologies. The training materials are adapted to each target audience, and all content is available on COLEAD’s e-learning platform.






30 months


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